Raindrops on roses.

It's time for more of April's favorite things.


This week, I'd like to highlight the love of my skin's life: the famous Whipped Body Creme. If you are fortunate enough to receive Christmas presents from me, you'll be very familiar with this magical potion. It's not made from unicorn kisses, although it seems like it would be, but of fair trade shea and cocoa butters, organic sweet almond and apricot kernel oils, aloe, and a proprietary herbal tisane, (which might actually be unicorn kisses). I use this everywhere--my body, my face, sometimes my hair. I've got oily skin, but this sinks in so quickly that I never feel like I've got an oil slick in my face. 

It's legitimately wonderful.

There's no scent, so I give it to my extremely sensitive mom every year, and there's no artificial anything so people with the most temperamental skin can use it daily. I'll sometimes add patchouli (of course) oil to it so I can smell extra amazing throughout the day. But adding anything is unnecessary. It is practically perfect in every way. 


 We have it at the shop and online, and even in select Whole Foods stores, in case you need to pick some up immediately. (You do!) 


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