Hi, it's me, April.

I hate to admit this, but I will always be stuck in the '90's in some ways. I still love grunge, I still love putting tiny barrettes in my pixie cut, and I still love combat boots with short sundresses. What can I say? I was programmed in the '90's. By the time the future arrived, I was already hardwired. 

I don't even want to go over how hard I took Chris Cornell's death. Honey, I'm still in mourning. I practically belong to a support group of other '90's kids who feel just as ill-equipped as I to face getting older. (And you're right, I don't  look 40. Thank you.)


Back in '92, I was introduced to David Lynch through this obscure little show called Twin Peaks  -- ever heard of it? I did not understand what was going on, nor did I care. Sherilyn Fenn's Audrey Horne was a vision in saddle shoes, her illicit cigarette and arched eyebrow giving her the weariest of world-weary stares. I wanted to be  her. Lara Flynn Boyle's Donna Hayward was the naïve goody-goody I felt I was. I wanted that Audrey Horne gaze. 


I watched the show through the end of the second and last season, but I'll be honest, I still didn't know what the heck was going on. When I heard that Agent Cooper and the rest of the crew were coming back for one more go, I was so excited. Tracy was too, and the Twin Peaks, limited run soap set was born.  


I'll be honest -- I'm all about honesty -- I still don't know what's going on in Twin Peaks. Dougie? Evil Coop? Bobby is a cop? Michael Cera is the lovechild of Andy and Lucy and he dresses and talks like Brando from the Wild Bunch? I'm so confused. But I don't have to understand it to love it, just like I don't have to understand how Tracy makes magic happen to produce soap that smells exactly  like I imagine Audrey would smell. The Laura Palmer soap smells fresh and innocent with an undercurrent of deeper, darker notes. 

Basically, they're amazing. I have stockpiled Audrey and Josie under my sink. They may get turned into laundry soap, like last year's Autumn Harvest did -- you have got  to smell my clothes: out of control vetiver, one of my favorite scents of all time -- or I may continue to use them for everything, so that my entire world smells like Audrey. 

All I know is that they're amazing, and every time I smell them, I don't know how Tracy got it so right.