natural deodorant creme

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natural deodorant creme


Tired of the long list of unpronouncables in conventional deodorants and ineffective natural alternatives? It doesn’t take much to keep you smelling fresh, just the right combination of basic natural ingredients and you’re set! No greasy pit stains on your clothing, no chalky residue, no clogged pores, just naturally effective deodorant that allows you to continue to sweat and detoxify without bacteria stinking up the process. * * Sensitive to baking soda? Try our soda-free natural deodorant roll on.

How to use: Apply a small dab down the crease of damp underarms. Well.. how do you do that? After a shower, do not overly dry your underarms so the product melts right in. If you don’t have time to shower, give your pits a spritz with hydrating mist or a splash of water. If the deodorant is too dry, add a drop or two of water to moisten. If separating, stir with a popsicle stick to combine. Using your finger, a popsicle stick, or a q-tip get a tiny dab of deodorant (just enough to fit on the end of your finger) and apply it just down the crease of your underarm. You do not need to coat your entire underarm. This provides protection for 8 hours or more in the desert heat, it will work for you!

Femme Fatale
This exotic scent is a spicy sweet floral with sensual jasmine-like ylang-ylang, hints of bright detoxifying lemon and grapefruit, hormone-balancing clary sage, and antibacterial powerhouse, clove.

Strong Man
Essential oils of centering cedarwood, purifying cypress, sweet antibacterial spices, earthy odor-busting patchouli, and antibacterial tea tree combine for a wonderfully masculine scent with oils powerful enough to keep body odor at bay.

Peaceful Person
stress relieving-calming-soothing
Breathe in this scent and you’ll pick up hints of soothing lavender, grounding sandalwood and cedar, meditative frankincense, exotic ylang ylang, jasmine, and rosewood. this is a blend of 16 essential oils, each powerful on their own, but together creating a clean, stress relieving scent great for anyone..

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