First Friday Yoga Renew & Restore

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First Friday Yoga Renew & Restore

from 15.00

12 months of First Friday Yoga Renew and Restore with Robin Afinowich of Four Winds Integrative Healing.

Every first Friday of the month, from 7:15-8:30pm we will be opening up the Soap Shop & Vegan Boutique for the most aromatherapeutic restorative yoga imaginable. Pamper yourself with commitment to your well being by signing up for one full year of First Friday evening classes or select a season by season option to treat yo'self! Can't commit? Single classes available as well!

  • Autumn Class Package: Every First Friday in Oct, Nov, Dec $45 value-- Early bird Sale for $39

    • Class by class $15/each

Practices will include gentle and calming postures accessible to all practitioners and will be accompanied with a monthly theme incorporating intention and personal contemplation, meditation and breath work. Please bring mats and blankets as well as a journal.

  • January: Winter Wonder

  • February: Unshakable Love

  • March: Spring Equinox

  • April: Deeply Daisy

  • May: May Day

  • June: Creation, Action, Manifestation

  • July: Personal Power - Harnessing the Sun

  • August: Building Immunity and Clearing out Lymphatic

  • September: Shaking the leaves: Psoas release

  • October: Celebrating the Spirit

    • A time to honor those felt and not seen, a class designed to support individuals with loss and grief. Together we will create a safe and nurturing space through movements and intention to gently acknowledge and honor those who are with us in Spirit and in our hearts, setting the stage for a month of peaceful reflection, a sense of guidance and appreciation dislodging immovable blocks of grief.

  • November: Grounded in Gratitude

    • This is a grounding practice that focuses on the root chakra through posture and visual meditation. The class will promote contemplation of the foundation of our life and how we can embrace who we are and where we are with deep gratitude and security. Gather a healthy acceptance of what we have and what we are building, and allow that abundance to create a sense of peace of and ease.

  • December: Into the Deep: Welcoming Winter

    • Moving into the stillness of winter we can draw our attention inward, cultivating wisdom through self-inquiry and withdrawal of external senses. Class will consist of introspective postures and a guided winter solstice mediation and ceremony.

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